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12.10 - 18.10

Bravo Studio
From Figma app prototype to iOS and Android app. No-code.
🏗 Design tool
YouTube channel management and work assignment tool
💬 Collaboration
Top-up debit card that reforests the planet with everyday payments.

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Allies - connecting parents with kids
Allies connects parents with kids in the same groups and helps them share everything about them; calendars, contacts, communications and documents. Either this happens when someone adds a soccer pract
What is OzonStockholm?
OzonStockholm is an innovative company using ozone for cleaning and sanitizing private home and business premises. Over the years, we have been aware of the importance of keeping fresh indoor air. So
Taxhub - Platform to give CPA tax access to startups
Taxhub began out of the need to solve the two main problems in personal tax return industry. Consumers have two choices when it comes to getting their taxes done. They can either go to a traditional f

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