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Web-based 2FA authenticator for sharing 2FA with others
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Daito is a web-based 2FA authenticator for small teams and big companies alike. Securely share access, no phone needed. Daito does only one thing: manage TOTP 2FA tokens for you and thus offering a fully isolated system, separate from your password manager.

Keep your 2FA token management separate from your password management and prevent worst case scenarios. The authenticator is web-first and web-only. Access and manage your company’s 2FA tokens from any browser and OS. Save money and the accompanying hassle of managing company phones. No more worrying about lost, malfunctioning or missing devices.

Prevent 2FA seed leakage by limiting access only to generated 2FA tokens, not the underlying seed codes. Daito is built with proven security and encryption standards. All user actions are audited and access is monitored.


2FA authenticator
TOTP 2FA tokens
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